Chiliiman Salsa Company hears from many people how they use our product, we would like to share with you and also would love to hear from you what your favorite ways to use Chiliiman Salsa!

We know  people that travel with their bottles of Chiliiman Salsa when they go out to a restaurant. 


Bloody Mary's - forget the other sauce, use WTF

Pizza - drizzle a little or a lot on your slice

Pasta Sauce - add a little to kick up the flavor

Soups - ass to kick up the flavor and give it a kick

Eggs - the only sauce to use!

Burritos - drizzle on your burrito while you eat

Steak - just a little kick it up, mix with your favorite steak sauce

Chicken - add a little give it a kick

Beer - like a beer with a kick? Add WTF to do that!

Ketchup - add a drop or more to give a little kick

Just A Bit of Punch "JAB"

Steak - top off your steak Chicken - top off your chicken

Eggs - mix it up with your favorite egg dish

Burritos - enjoy the flavor!

Guacamole - just to give it a kick!

You're Not Ready

Steak - for those that darn, leave the steak sauce use You're Not Ready

Chicken - Is your chicken ready, add some You're Not Ready!

Use You're Not Ready on anything your taste buds can handle!


It's not just for meats!

Salads - mix a little in your salads to give it a kick Pizza -

like BBQ Sauce on your pizza...try WTF!

Meats - Marinate and a bit of heat! Hot Wings

Summer Salsa

Our mildest salsa when you just want flavor but no heat!

Eggs - top your eggs with a little Summer Relaxing - Grab a bag of chips and enjoy the Summer

Garlic Under Fire

Shrimp and Vegetable stir fry